Congratulations “Jr.” Sherrill – Contributes to the Community and me.

Well, this is awesome!

It was great to see that my dad “Jr.” Sherrill was recognized by the Manchester Chamber of Commerce for his contribution to the community of Manchester. Dad works hard as a business leader, Rotarian, and supports many local organizations and people.

I wanted to jump on board with the Manchester Chamber of Commerce and give him some recognition of my own.

When I think of my father, I see his deep desire for continued self improvement and the value of hard work. He taught me that at an early age – sometimes by long drives listening to self improvement cassettes in the car from folks like Steven Covey! I’m not sure if he just wanted me to stop talking or didn’t want to listen to my rock & roll music, but regardless, it made a big impact on me.

I’ve never been scared of work. That came directly from him. His honesty, integrity, and desire to follow the Golden Rule all have helped shape me, my family and our business into the success that it is today, and I’m very proud of him.

Kevin Sherrill