Some Questions You May Have About Perimeter Pest Control

Why should the outside rather than the inside of my home be treated for pests?

By maintaining treatment on the perimeter of the home, 90% of all pests are eliminated from entering your living space. Not only does it stop pests from invading your family’s living space, but prevents potential damage caused. The outside is one of the most effective places to treat for long term protection, but also often overlooked. 90% of all pests come from outside. By treating the exterior of your home, pests can be stopped in their tracks before they ever get inside and invade your family’s living space where they can potentially cause problems and even damage.

How long does a perimeter pest treatment last?

Our perimeter pest treatment gives you peace of mind for approximately three months. Our company uses a microencapsulated treatment that releases slowly during the treatment time. Another benefit to you is that since the exterior of your home is being treated, it is not necessary for you to be at home while the technician performs the service. The perimeter pest control treatment our company uses is microencapsulated and releases over a period of approximately three months. A big plus: Since the exterior of your home is being treated, you don’t have to be home for the technician to make the quarterly treatment.

Where exactly does the perimeter program take place?

On the initial pest control service, we treat the inside of your home along with the perimeter treatment. This treatment includes: a band in the soil, mulch and lawn surrounding and adjacent to your home’s foundation (depending on your individual situation), window sills that can be reached, door openings, splash blocks, garbage cans, garage door openings, and anywhere that pests can be found gaining access to your living area.

Will the treatment harm the grass, shrubbery, of flowers around my home?

No. Even with direct contact you never have to worry about the product we use harming the soil or lawn.

What Are The Benefits Of A Perimeter Pest Control Program?

Here are just a few reasons why we recommend and use a perimeter pest control program for our customer’s homes: • Keeps unwanted pests from invading your home. • Isn’t harmful to soil, flowers, bushes, or lawns. • Controls many different types of pests. • Takes place outdoors – you don’t have to be home during treatment. • If you need us on the inside just call – no extra charge.Why settle for less? You deserve the Highest Quality Service available to you. For further information on the perimeter pest control program or other services we provide for your home or business, please contact our office. Call or use our online form today for a Pest Control Quote. (LINK)


Some Questions You May Have About Our Termite Services Using The Sentricon® System


Which is the better method: a liquid chemical treatment or the Sentricon System?

We recommend the Sentricon System because it eliminates the termite colony and, with continuous service, detects and eliminates new colonies that may invade the area later. Liquid chemical treatments degrade over time and have to be reapplied. Also, it is nearly impossible to create a complete barrier around a structure with a liquid chemical treatment. An opening as small as 1/16 inch may allow termites to enter your property, There are significant differences in environmental effects, too.

How does your product affect the environment?

The Sentricon System is environmentally responsible because it uses only a few grams of active ingredient when and where needed or in areas conducive to termite activity. Liquid chemical treatments may use more than 200 gallons of diluted chemical solution on one property. Plus the first generation bait used in the Sentricon System was registered under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Reduced Risk Pesticide Initiative, based on its low impact on human health, low toxicity to nontarget organisms(birds, fish, plants) and low potential for groundwater contamination when compared to other commercially available termite treatment options. The Sentricon System is the only termite treatment ever to receive the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award (a top environmental honor from the EPA).

How will a liquid chemical treatment affect my property or lifestyle?

Complete liquid chemical treatments traditionally require digging a trench around the foundation of your home and drilling holes approximately every 12 inches through the floor or foundation. Then, large volumes of diluted chemical solution are injected into the soil around and under the structure. It kills or repels the termites that come into contact with the barrier. This type of treatment typically causes significant disruption to you, your family and your home. The Sentricon System eliminates termite colonies and protects homes with much less trouble.

What’s the difference between termite baits? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?

No, not at all. Even products within the same class of chemistry have different effects on a termite colony. The active ingredient in the Sentricon System – noviflumuron – affects termites slowly, allowing them to recruit their nestmates to feed on the bait, ultimately causing termite colony elimination. With some termite baits, the active ingredient may cause termites to die or become ill near the bait station. In these cases, termite nestmates tend to avoid the baited area, reducing the effectiveness of the bait on the colony. Often, a liquid chemical treatment is used alongside these baits. Can your termite baiting system be used by itself or does it require a liquid chemical treatment as well? The Sentricon System is a stand-alone termite treatment that does not require a liquid chemical treatment. Not all termite bait services you will be offered by other companies can be used alone. Does your termite baiting system eliminate the termite colony? The Sentricon System was designed to eliminate the termite colony, not just individual termites, and has proven its ability to do so throughout the United States and in other countries. Is there independent research to back up the claims that your termite bait really works? The Sentricon System boasts the claim of being the most extensively tested termite product, with efficacy documented in 45 published scientific articles. The Sentricon System also collaborates research support from 30 universities and the U. S. Department of Agriculture. We can provide our customer research data from Dow AgroSciences. Unlike many operating pest control companies, we are able to show you published scientific data that demonstrates our ability to eliminate colonies.

Can any pest control company use this baiting system?

No. Only Authorized Operators of the Sentricon can install and service this industry-leading product. An Authorized Operator is required by Dow AgroScences to receive comprehensive training, to use computerized tracking and recording of all Sentricon stations, and to annually pass specific product stewardship requirements. Only authorized professionals can install and service the Sentricon System. There are many operating pest control business, but we believe that you deserve the Highest Quality Service available in your area. For further information termite services using the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System or other services we provide for your home or business, please contact our office. Call or use our online form today for a Termite Protection Quote. (LINK)